Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

by dpmca
We take a creative approach to litigation and arbitration support, finding thoughtful solutions that are time-sensitive and tailored to our clients’ legal strategy. We partner with outside counsel and in-house teams to collect the information needed to get results, whether it’s evidence to support a legal position or for leverage against opponents.
Litigation Advisory

Outcome of Litigation involving Corporate Laws is sensitive as to time and cost overrun. Overrun in any litigation affects the bottom line. At the grassroot level of litigation, if commercial accumen of Chartered Accountant is combined with legal knowledge, strategy of litigation may focus on commercial aspects in the end result. Involvement of Chartered Accountant in such straetegic planning can help monitoring the factors contributing the overrun compared to the benefits thereof.

Litigation support service for (i) disputes between promoters ( Sec 397-398 of Companies Act 1956) at Company Law Board / NCLT / High Court or higher forum (ii) disputes between discontented stakeholders or statutory authorities in the scheme of Merger, Amalgamation, Demerger (Sec. 391-394 of the Companies Act 1956) with the Court of Law (iii) White collar crime involving fraud, misappropriation, breach of trust / fiduciary etc. (iv) Directorial complaints etc. (iv) Compounding of offences in terms of provisions of Companies Act 1956.

Monitoring the litigation at every stage i.e. pre, proceeding or post stage is vital. Scrutiny of drafts viz. petition, application, appeal, submissions, reply, rejoinder, sur-rejoinder etc. with commerical angle in focus can make the difference. Such focal approach while assisting the lawyers, counsels at the briefing or argument stage may bring unexpected pleasent outcomes. Briefing the counsel is vital aspect of the litigation. Facts though play important part in any legal dispute; presentation thereof is critical. Focusing key facts imbibed with commercial and legal aspects of the matter would bring the significant change in the approach and attidtude of the consel and therefore, may of the Court as well. Chartered Accountant has latent talent to understand and bring these aspects of litigation in forefront.

Litigation Support
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